At CHADS, our staff works tirelessly to carry out our mission to save young lives. Whether working directly with kids or behind the scenes, everybody at CHADS is committed to suicide prevention.


Lead Staff

Marian McCord.jpg

Marian McCord • Email

Executive Director
Certified Olweus Trainer, YMHFA Instructor

Larry McCord.jpg

Larry McCord • Email

Business Manager

Ben Chambers.jpg

Ben Chambers • Email

Development Director

Heather Barnett.jpg

Heather Barnett, LPC, CGDC • Email

Program Director

Heather Borah.jpg

Heather Borah, LPC, NCC • Email

Family Support Manager

Joan Hereford.jpg

Joan Hereford • Email

Program Development Specialist

Colleen Pace.jpg

Colleen Pace • Email

Suicide Prevention Manager


Chads Staff

Alexa Berra.jpg

Alexa Berra • Email

Awareness Specialist

Lisa Creath.jpg

Lisa Creath, LPC • Email

Family Support Counselor

Tom Darron.jpg

Tom Dapron • Email


Lisa Deutsch.jpg

Lisa Deutsch • Email

School Support Specialist

Brynne Downum.jpg

Brynne Downum • Email

School Support Specialist


Abby Goldberg.jpg

Abby Goldberg • Email

School Support Specialist & Mentor

Kate Lamonica Johnson.jpg

Kate Lamonica Johnson • Email

Grant Writer

Meg Johnson.jpg

Meg Johnson • Email

School Support Specialist

Denise Kennedy.jpg

Denise Kennedy • Email

Data Manager

Emily Knopf.jpg

Emily Knopf, PLPC • Email

Family Support Counselor & School Support Specialist


Stephanie Lessmeier.jpg

Stephanie Lessmeier, LPC, NCC • Email

Family Support Counselor

Chynna Lewis.jpg

Chynna Lewis • Email

School Support Specialist

Erin Magee.jpg

Erin Magee • Email

Family Support Counselor

Nicole Porterfield.jpg

Nicole Porterfield • Email

School Support Specialist

Jamie Redding.jpg

Jamie Redding • EMAIL

School Support Specialist

Joan S.jpg

Joan Sargent • Email

Office Manager

Greg Sheetz.jpg

Greg Scheetz, LMSW • Email

Family Support Counselor

Michelle Sellers.jpg

Michelle Sellers, LPC • Email

Family Support Counselor

Jill Strong.jpg

Jill Strong • Email

Mentor & Second Steps Specialist

Mercedes Wilburn.jpg

Mercedes Wilburn, PLPC • Email

Family Support Counselor


In loving memory of Sharon Schertel, MEd - School Support Specialist