What we do

CHADS offers Signs of Suicide®, Family Support, and Social Emotional Well-being programs to advance the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide. Aside from providing adolescents and young adults ages 25 and under with counseling services and educational programs, we also serve parents, educators, and community members with resources, presentations, and more to provide a holistic and proactive approach to mental illness and bullying. To learn more about our programs click here.

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I love this organization and I love the passionate people who dedicate their time and energy for such an important cause.
— CHADS Supporter


To be the community leader in educating and supporting young people whose lives are impacted by suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and/or depression.

Core Values

  • Youth Focused - Support the mental health of youth and young adults with each decision we make.

  • Passion - Keep our mission and vision central in our work. We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do.

  • Character - Value those we serve, our employees, volunteers, and collaborating organizations by demonstrating honesty, respect, integrity, trust, and supporting diversity.  We are people of character.

  • Hope - Bring hope to the clients and families we support. We are confident that their lives will improve and they will get through their mental health crisis.

  • Collaboration - Encourage effective partnerships with youth and their families, community volunteers, school districts, businesses, other nonprofits, and the broader community.

  • Stewardship - Emphasize efficiency, quality, and the optimal use of resources in all aspects of our operation, ensuring that we remain responsible guardians of the trust that our community places in us.

  • Accountability - Meet our commitments and take responsibility for our performance.

  • Excellence - Expect the best of co-workers and ourselves. Strive for positive outcomes, continuous quality improvement, and fact-based decision-making. We are committed to providing only high quality programs and services.

CHADS worked with me throughout all of high school. If it wasn’t for CHADS I wouldn’t be able to say I am where I am today.
— CHADS Supporter

History of CHADS

CHADS (Communities Healing Adolescent Depression and Suicide) was founded after Marian and Larry McCord's 18-year-old son, Chad, died by suicide in 2004.

In April of 2004, Chad McCord, a high-school senior with a bright future, lost his battle with depression and died by suicide. Like so many parents before them, Marian and Larry had fought alongside Chad trying to help him conquer his disease, but found a healthcare system unequipped and often unwilling or unable to help. They were determined to create an organization focused on saving the lives of our youth by increasing awareness, education, and support to address adolescent depression and suicide.

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