Walk Across Missouri

Walk Across Missouri
April 26 - May 11, 2013
From Kansas City to Creve Coeur Park

Thank you to all of those who took part in Walk Across Missouri. See updates about the documentary, Walking Man, through CHADS' Facebook page




Walk Across Missouri is our newest effort to raise awareness and funding for mental health education and prevention, especially in Missouri’s rural communities. Mark Norwine, CHADS Bullying Prevention and Special Programs Manager, will walk 200 miles along Missouri’s Katy Trail in 15 days.

Along the way, Mark will host school assemblies, attend town hall meetings and conduct individual or group interviews collecting stories of those who experience issues surrounding mental health and bullying. His first stop, on April 26 in Kansas City, will be at Rogers Elementary School with the Kansas City Chiefs mascot. Other stops along the way include Sedalia, Boonville, Rocheport, Hartsburg, Jefferson City, Steedman, Marthasville, McKittrick, St. Clair, Augusta, Washington and Weldon Springs (see more details below).

His last mile will begin Kids Walking for Kids (CHADS annual awareness event and fundraiser) at Creve Coeur Park on May 11. 

Walk Across Missouri will be featured in a professional documentary titled, "Walking Man." You can view more about this national documentary at

Stay Updated:
Stay up-to-date on the Walk by reading our blog and joining CHADS' Facebook page. Get updates on the "Walking Man" documentary through the "Walking Man" blog

You can help by sponsoring Mark!
Decide how much you much you would like to donate per mile (maybe 10 cents, maybe 25, maybe a dollar). Multiple the amount x 200 (miles), or use our cheat sheet below, then make that donation through our donation site. Any person who donates is invited to walk with Mark with him for any part of his journey. (Remember the documentary? Well, walking with Mark could potentially get you in). We want the most people during his last mile as he walks into Creve Coeur Park to kick off Kids Walking for Kids (KWK). Supporters are also invited to celebrate from 4-9 pm at KWK. Email for more about how you can walk with him.

Here is a cheat sheet:
5 cents x 200 miles = $10
10 cents x 200 miles = $20
25 cents x 200 miles = $50
1 dollar x 200 miles = $200
(If you like to be different and want to donate, say, 18 cents a mile, you'll have to figure that math out on your own!)

Want to do more?
Consider finding 10 people to sponsor Mark with you. Ask friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, and Facebook friends! You can send them directly here or to our donation site. Or you can collect the money and make one big donation yourself. You can use the flyer (found below) to help spread the word and the donation form to help organize your contributions. 

Walk with Mark
Any supporter of Walk Across Missouri or Kids Walking for Kids is invited to walk any portion of the Walk with Mark. This could give you an opportunity to be a part of the "Walking Man" documentary. To see where Mark is each day, follow the Walk Across Missouri blog and join the event Facebook page.

Walk the last mile
We are hoping to have the most people walk Mark's last mile with him into Creve Coeur Park (Sailboat Cove) as the kick-off for Kids Walking for Kids - Celebrating Hope on May 11. To do this, meet at the flag pole located at the entrance to Taco Bell Shelter on Marine Ave. in Creve Coeur Park by about 3:30 pm. Then Mark (and the documentary crew) and all supporters will walk the last mile together! Any person donating at least $10 towards either event will be able to stay and celebrate at Kids Walking for Kids (register here!). 

Parking: Remember, if you park at Sailboat Cove, you will have to walk to Taco Bell Shelter to meet at 3:30, then walk to KWK with the group. Your car will be there when you leave the event. If you park at Taco Bell Shelter, you will have to walk approximately a mile back to your car after the event. 

Note: Taco Bell Shelter does not have an address. It is about a mile from Sailboat Cove on Marine Ave. Click here for directions to Sailboat Cove which is located at 13725 Marine Ave. Maryland Heights, MO 63146. 

Walk the last 5 ish miles
Meet at the Katy Trail Page Extension parking lot on the St. Charles side at 1:30 to walk the last 4-5 miles with Mark. 

Schedule for Walk Across Missouri
(This schedule is subject to change. Please check back often and stay up-to-date through our blogFacebook page as well as the "Walking Man" blog)

25-Apr St. Louis / Sedalia: Kickoff event Ferguson Middle School, 7 am
26-Apr Clifton City: Hartman Elementary School, 1:30 pm
27-Apr Pilot Grove
28-Apr Boonville / New Franklin
29-Apr Rocheport / Smithton / Columbia: Smithton Assembly, 2:15 - 2:50 pm 
30-Apr Providence
1-May Hartsburg: Visit Mizzou campus; 3 - 6 pm
2-May Jefferson City: Interviews and impromptu conversations with leaders, legislators and citizens at the Capitol; beginning at 8:30 am
3-May Tebbetts: Presentation at SSM St. Mary's in Jefferson City; 10 am
4-May Steedman
5-May Bluffton
6-May McKittrick / Herman: Herman Middle School, 9:00 am 
7-May Bernheimer: Hardin Middle School, 1:30 pm
8-May Marthasville / Washington / St. Clair / Dutzow / Defiance: Parkway North High School; 9:30 am & Lafayette High School 11:30 am
9-May Augusta: St. Clair; 11 am 
10-May Weldon Spring: St. Louis University, 9:00 am; Washington University, 10:30 am; Missouri Institute of Mental Health, 2 pm
11-May Creve Coeur: Last Mile into Kids Walking for Kids - Celebrating Hope; 3:45 pm 

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