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SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program
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The alarming rate in attempted and/or completed suicides among our teens due to an undiagnosed mental health illness is unacceptable. Our mission is to change this statistic. With the SOS Signs of Suicide® prevention program, middle and high school students will learn how to make a difference for themselves and others with the signature ACT® message taught during the presentation. ACT® stands for Acknowledge, Care and Tell. Students are taught to first Acknowledge the signs of distress that they or someone they know is experiencing; Care enough to help themselves or others; then to Tell a trusted adult so the help that is needed can be found. CHADS’ goal is to make these life-saving steps as familiar and instinctual as calling 911. These programs align with Missouri's Guidance GLEs and HPEs Show-Me Standards.

Our Programs:
In two peer-reviewed journals, the Signs of Suicide® programs are the only ones to document effectiveness in reducing suicide attempts by 40%. Created by the Screening for Mental Health and approved by SAMSHA, these programs have been delivered to thousands of students throughout the St. Louis and Southern Illinois regions. They can be delivered in a classroom setting, a faith-based youth group gathering, an after-school club or a large group assembly. SOS provides students with the tools to recognize the signs of depression and/or suicide in themselves or others. 

For the high school students, schedule the general SOS presentation which includes the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide as well how to get help when needed. The SOS Second Act® and Signs of Self-Injury®  programs are also available for high school students. 

For the middle school level, you may choose to schedule just the general SOS presentation which includes information on signs and symptoms of depression and suicide as well as how to get help when needed, but you may also consider EYES - Every Year, Every Student. Choosing EYES allows your students to see three additional presentations. Each presentation includes an SOS Review followed by one of the following topics: 6th grade, Bullying; 7th grade, Peer Pressure; 8th grade, Self-Injury. Click here to learn more about EYES.

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Signs of Suicide® is a Program of Screening for Mental Health, Inc. 

"Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St. Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St. Louis County. For information email