Signs of Self-Injury

Signs of Self-Injury
It's Time to Stop the Cycle

Often educators are the first to notice students who self-injure due to a change in their behavior or appearance and many asked us for a program to address this growing epidemic. Teens who self-injure do so to reduce intense emotional distress and through these programs, they will learn how to make a difference for themselves and others.

Our Programs:
The high school program, Signs of Self-Injury, and the middle school program, Self-Injury (through EYES) are a chance for students learn how to make a difference for themselves and others with the signature ACT® method that is taught during the presentation. ACT® stands for Acknowledge, Care and Tell. Students are taught to first Acknowledge the signs of distress that they or someone they know is experiencing; Care enough to help themselves or others; then Tell a trusted adult so that help can be accessed. These programs can be delivered in a variety of settings such as the classroom or an after-school club. Usually offered at *no cost, these programs align with Missouri's Guidance GLEs and HPEs Show-Me Standards. CHADS’ goal is to make these life-saving steps as familiar and instinctual as calling 911.

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*Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St. Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St. Louis County. For information email