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Olweus Bullying Prevention
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Bullying. Think it is not happening in your school or community? Think again! Bullying, in whatever form it takes, can scar a student in physical and/or psychological ways that can impact their lives for years to come. CHADS is ready to help make a significant, measurable and sustainable change in your school’s climate. It’s time for a step in the right direction - we are waiting for your call!

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Olweus Bullying Prevention
After much research, CHADS adopted the SAMSHA approved “Model K-12” Olweus Bullying Prevention program. This mutli-level approach involves students, staff, parents and community leaders in order to create an anti-bullying culture. With over 35 years of research and successful implementation, Olweus has documented a 20-70% reduction in reports of being bullied and bullying others. This internationally recognized program, which supports Missouri Guidance GLEs, makes a measurable difference for those being bullied, for those who have bullying behaviors as well as for the bystanders who feel powerless to make a difference.

Usually offered at *no cost to schools and youth organizations, the program’s goal is to change the norms around bullying behavior and restructure the school setting so bullying is less likely to occur or be rewarded. Additionally, general antisocial behaviors such as vandalism, theft, truancy and fighting have reported significant reductions as well by community agencies. Through CHADS, a number of area schools have already implemented the program and have documented dramatic results in reducing negative peer behavior.

The CHADS' Mentoring Program is available to schools using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. CHADS will provide one-on-one mentoring and relationship building with individual students who are mistreating others on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about mentoring.

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*Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St. Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St. Louis County. For information email