The Illuminators Giving Club is a way for CHADS supporters to really get up close and personal with CHADS' mission to save young lives. It's through our Illuminators that we receive sustained funding for one of our oldest and most successful programs: Signs of Suicide (SOS). Implemented mainly in health classes, CHADS' trained staff teach students the importance of mental health, the signs of depression and suicidal behavior, and, most importantly, what to do if those students recognize the warning signs in themselves or their friends. Essentially, we illuminate the dark and often misunderstood topic of mental health.

The SOS program reaches over 22,000 students each year in 160 different schools. As a direct result of this program, over 2,700 kids (12.4%) reach out for help for themselves or for a friend who might be dealing with severe depression.

One of the reasons the SOS program has been so successful is that we have been able to provide high quality services at no cost to the schools in which we implement them. To be able to do this, we rely on the generous support of donors who believe in our mission to light up the lives of the kids in our community. In response to the growing demand for our services, we've created an accessible way for you join us as a fellow illuminator.

The Illuminators Giving Club can be joined at 4 levels:

  • Star level: $1,963/year ($164/month)
  • Lighthouse level: $982/year ($82/month)
  • Torch level: $491/year ($41/month)
  • Spark level: $246/year ($20/month)

The Star level, $1,963 per year, covers the cost for CHADS to implement the SOS program in an average school for one year. By joining at the top level, you are essentially sponsoring a school to receive CHADS’ exceptional and much needed services.

Pledges can be paid in a variety of ways, from all-at-once up front to monthly, by check or by credit card, whichever is most comfortable for you.

In addition to the reward of knowing that tens of thousands of kids will learn the importance of mental health and what to do if they recognize the signs of suicide in themselves or in a friend, there are several benefits to becoming an Illuminator:

  • Monthly communications from CHADS regarding your Illuminators membership. In addition, everything you receive from CHADS will come with Illuminators branding.
  • Preferred seating at the first annual Illumination Ball gala coming this September, as well as a special surprise to identify you as an Illuminator.
  • The opportunity to observe an actual CHADS SOS presentation in a school setting, to be coordinated through CHADS staff.
  • An invitation to the annual Illuminators appreciation party, exclusively for our Illuminators supporters.

To become an Illuminator, you can contact Ryan Kulage by emailing or calling 314.973.4349. Additionally, you can join online by clicking one of the links below:

Click here to become a Star Illuminator

Click here to become a Lighthouse Illuminator

Click here to become a Torch Illuminator

Click here to become a Spark Illuminator