Support Groups

Support Groups

Through support groups CHADS' licensed professionals address critical behaviors such as self-injury, bullying, depression, explosive anger, anxiety and signs/thoughts of suicidal actions. Support groups can be formed for teens/young adults as well as for parents/caregivers.

Parents/Caregivers or Teens/Young Adults:
If you would like to form a support group through your school please contact your school counselor and refer him or her to this information. If you would like to discuss beginning a support group outside of the school setting, contact the Family Support Program Manager at 314.952.8274.

School Counselors:
Our professional counseling services are supervised by the school counseling staff and under the guidance of the school’s/district’s administration. Only students are eligible who are referred by your staff and agreed to with a signed parental/caregiver consent form are eligible.

Several schools in St. Louis County utilized these services last year and reported significant positive outcomes. As one high school counselor stated, “Our high school benefitted greatly from the support groups we requested. We look forward to having the same quality support group services from CHADS this school year as well. Thank you for all you do.”

If you have a student/family to refer to CHADS for professional counseling or if you would like to form a support group in your school, please contact the Family Support Program Manager at 314.952.8274 or email at We look forward to supporting and serving you.

You can:
Click here to request more information.
Call 314.952.8274 to connect by phone with a Family Support Specialist.
For information on our Survivors of Suicide support groups, click here.

*Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St Louis County. For more information email