CHADS offers programs in the areas of school outreach, community awareness and family support. Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St. Louis County. For further descriptions of programs, click the appropriate link to the right. For more information email

School Outreach

SOS - Signs of Suicide®
Evidence based suicide prevention program for students in grades 6-12, faculty, and parents. Students learn warning signs and symptoms of depression and suicide, ACT® (Acknowledge, Care, Tell), and have the opportunity to speak with a counselor. 

EYES – Every Year, Every Student
Presentations for middle school students on timely topics including bullying, peer pressure, and self-injury with a review of SOS®.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
In-depth evidence-based program changing the school climate through multi-faceted approach involving students, faculty, staff, and parents.

Community Awareness

Youth Mental Health First Aid
Training for adults on how to handle youth experiencing mental health issues.

CHADS Conversations
Presentations on bullying, suicide and other topics for school staff, parents, church groups, youth groups, etc.

Family Support Program

Short-Term Counseling
Individualized or family counseling from licensed professionals for teens and young adults, addressing critical behaviors such as self-injury, bullying, depression, explosive anger, anxiety, and signs or thoughts of suicide.

Support Groups
CHADS’ staff facilitate support groups for youth as well as their parents or caregivers.

Mentoring Services
One-on-one coaching sessions designed to educate and support youth and family well-being.

Post-Crisis Intervention (Postvention)
Debriefing services, counseling, support groups, and resource development in response to a suicide or other crisis event.