CHADS Ambassadors

CHADS Ambassadors
Actively Making a Difference

Quick! Answer this question. Would students rather listen to adults or their peers? Most would answer this question with “their peers” and research shows this to be true for all age groups. Sometimes it is just easier or more comforting to go to a peer first. With that in mind, CHADS created a program that does just that! Students helping students to make a difference for themselves, their school and their community; now that’s a winning combination!

Our Programs:
If a school or organization is using the SOS Signs of Suicide® or Olweus Bullying Prevention programs, a CHADS Ambassador program can be created usually at *no cost. Selected students will be taught by a CHADS’ staff member to become a trained, trusted peer that can help a student in distress connect with a trusted adult. Ambassador meetings are facilitated by a CHADS’ staff member and meeting times are determined by the host school/organization.

The Elementary School level CHADS Ambassadors are: educated about bullying and other mental health issues; taught how to use the ACT® method (acknowledge, care, tell) so it is instinctual; learn life skills, advocacy and understanding of mental illness through discussion and awareness projects, as well as identify trusted adults in their school and community who they can turn to if needed. 

The Middle and High School level CHADS Ambassadors training includes the above elementary skills plus: training to recognize students in distress and then to know when and how to take action if needed; proactively lead fellow students in removing the stigma associated with mental illness through philanthropic and awareness efforts that fit the needs of their school community; serve as a go-between for fellow students in need of assistance.

You Can:
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*Programs are funded by St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for children and families within St. Louis County. Some funding is available to cover programs outside of St. Louis County. For information email