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CHADS saves young lives by advancing the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide. 

What we do

CHADS offers school outreach programs, community awareness presentations and classes as well as family support programs to advance the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide. To learn more about these programs click here. Additionally, CHADS holds events each year to raise awareness and funds for mental health. Click here to learn more about CHADS' events. 

History of CHADS

CHADS (Communities Healing Adolescent Depression and Suicide) was founded after Marian and Larry McCord's 18-year-old son, Chad, died by suicide in 2004.

In April of 2004, Chad McCord, a high-school senior with a bright future, lost his battle with depression and died by suicide. Like so many parents before them, Marian and Larry had fought alongside Chad trying to help him conquer his disease, but found a healthcare system unequipped and often unwilling or unable to help. They were determined to create an organization focused on saving the lives of our youth by increasing awareness, education and research to address adolescent depression and suicide.

See more about Chad's story.

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